The affiliate organization program is a partnership between the Asian American Cultural Center and the organizations whose mission supports the Asian American Cultural Center. Organizations who are affiliated find a home at the AACC with additional resources like space for programming, advising, guidance, and supporting RSO group needs.

Affiliation with the AACC is completed on an annual basis every academic year.

2023-2024 RSO Affiliates




Interested in becoming an affiliate organization?

Follow these steps to apply for affiliation status.

  1. Have your president submit a signed Affiliate Organization Application along with the supporting materials to AACC Staff at (
  2. Schedule an affiliation meeting, preferably with at least two executive board members. Email to schedule an appointment with AACC Staff.
  3. Attend your scheduled RSO affiliation meeting.

Campus Resources @ the AACC: Spring 2023 header stylized as chalk on a chalkboard with colorful illustrations

Fall 2023 Campus Resources at the AACC

These resources are available at the Asian American Cultural Center located at 1210 W. Nevada Street, Urbana, IL 61801.