Looking to Submit a Space Request?

Review the information and guidelines BEFORE proceeding with submission.

Understand the directions and policies, then follow instructions explicitly. Please be aware that access to the building outside business hours is limited to AACC Affiliated RSOs in good standing. Space requests require a NetID and Password.

How to Make a Space Request

Academic Year 2024-2025

Reservations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Registered student organizations affiliated with the AACC can reserve space for use outside of business hours or on a regular basis (e.g. for weekly meetings). The number of reservations made by one organization may be limited so all groups have a fair opportunity to use the space. 

Reservations are non-transferable. The facility is available at no charge; all users are responsible for their own set-up and clean-up. All scheduling changes must be approved in writing by the AACC. AACC business hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. The AACC cannot be reserved during official university holidays or when AACC sponsored events are taking place elsewhere on campus or within the local community. 

Space requests are now OPEN for the Summer 2024 Semester

Policies and User Checklist


To Request a Room

Submit a Space Request form via email at least 7 business days prior to the event. For tentative room availability, see the AACC events calendar or call the AACC during hours of operation. 

Please note, AACC will no longer be accepting space requests via Bookings.

  • Read the Facility Use Policies!
  • Submit a separate request for each event. 
  • Provide exact dates for events with multiple dates. (e.g. exclude University breaks, etc.)
  • Reserve extra time before and after the event to allow for preparation and clean-up.
  • Please restrict the use of email requests unless essential as outlined below. 

To make an official room request, fill out the link below! Fill out ALL required sections, review the AACC Space Policy, and submit the form. 



Upon receiving and reviewing your inquiry, you'll receive a confirmation email. AACC staff will have the right to contact individuals requesting the space reservation in case of unexpected changes and/or lack of affiliation with AACC. AACC staff will do their best to contact individuals in a timely manner regarding any potential changes to space requests.


In the event that the AACC space reservation link is NOT working, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download and complete our AACC Booking Request form (you will need to make a copy).
  2. Once you have filled it out, send the completed form to aacc@illinois.edu, with "AACC Space Request" as the subject title. 

Spaces Available and Room Capacities

Updates below are effective August 7, 2023.

Space with Table/Chairs Standing Room Only
1030D Lounge/1030A Kitchen (1st floor) 50 people 100 people
1020 Conference Room (1st floor) 30 people 60 people
2026 Meeting Room (2nd floor, no food allowed) 14 14
Exterior (Picnic Tables, do not need to be affiliated with AACC to reserve this space) 36 100

Equipment and Resources

The AACC has a full service kitchen with access to utensils and cooking cutlery. The AACC also has the following resources: TV, DVD player, projector, projector screen, easel, and board games for use ON THE PREMISES that may facilitate your event. Call/email to arrange for the use of resource(s) at least 2-3 days prior to the event, during business hours (Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm).

Please be considerate of others so all will have an enjoyable experience at the AACC.